BIOAQUA Jelly Moisturizing Lipstick Set

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Moisturizing Lipstick Set

The moisturizers and slight sheen of gloss contained in lip balm can turn tired lips vibrant. Dry, thin lips can turn into plump, moisturized lips with a sweep of balm, giving you that perfect movie star pout without a ton of effort. There are plenty of lip glosses that claim to plump your lips, but moisturizing them every day is a great way to ensure you maintain a youthful, supple look without extra products.


Moisturizing Lipstick Set help moisturize the skin of the lips, clean the skin has been shedding off. Also help nourish the lips dry skin, so that the lips skin moist and tender.

This lipstick set has fashionable color, transparent jelly paste, soft and smooth, create a beautiful lip, enhance the face color. A Gel-based lipstick typically impart a lighter weight application, able to project truer color clarity. The base of a gel lipstick is translucent which allows for maximum color saturation compared to the opacity of a wax-based lipstick.


1. Exfoliating Gel – Apply some remove horny gel to lips, message the tips, then cleaning.(1-2 times every week)

2. Lip Mask – Apply some to the lip around, cleaning after 15 minutes, then using jelly lipstick. (1-2 times every week)

3. Lipstick – First use lip cream, then apply lipstick from middle to outside, if you need ,you can apply again.

Use: Lip
Feature: Moisturizing exfoliating lips
Ingredient: Moisturizing exfoliating lips
NET WT: 43.8g
Product Name: pink moisturizing Lip-care Package
Benefits: Hongnen lips, fashion colors, soft and smooth, moist lips, exfoliates.